Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Friday

It's Friday.

I know I'm supposed to be happy it's Friday, and I am.

But this Friday has been a long day!

We are getting a new roof (yay!) but you wouldn't believe how loud it is to get a new roof. Or maybe you would. But it's loud. And my head isn't so appreciative of that noise. Though, I will be once it's done because it was time. It was actually passed time.

My neck is broken. I can't move it. Well, okay, I can move it, it just hurts.

Also, Armageddon is bearing down on us at this moment.

Okay. Not really the end of the world. But a snowstorm is coming and so I'm here checking radars, looking out the window, and trying to figure out if we'll really get a lot of snow, or if it's much ado about nothing. Because sometimes they predict a lot more snow than actually comes down.

Mostly I don't mind snow. Mostly I don't leave the house and it's just an excuse to sit and knit or work on other such projects.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to actually leave the house which, I won't want to do if we are in the process of getting 8 inches of snow. Or even 5 inches.

So basically I'm tired, my head hurts, and I'm anxious about the weather.


Or you know, not quite.

But really, I know I'm lucky. I know these are first world problems. I do have enough perspective to see this.

And yet, I'm kind of crabby tonight.

So, here you go. A throw-a-way post for today.

I hope that your Friday is going much better. And if the snowing is heading for you, you are able to hunker down!

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