Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pizza (Rolls) and a Movie

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Pizza and a movie. Movie and a pizza.

They go together so perfectly, don't they?

We are entering our busy time of year. Or I should say, to be more accurate, a busier time of year.
For the next few weeks, the husband works a second job. Which means we don't see each other as often as we'd like to. Which is okay, because it's a small amount of time.

But we've been spending time just doing nothing with each other in preparation.

So a movie night is a perfect way to hang out together, while cuddling on the couch!

Recently, we sat down to watch Manchurian Candidate.

He picked it out, after seeing what Netflix had available.

I whipped up some pizza rolls.

Okay, I didn't just whip them up. They take planning. And I had never made them before. To be honest, making them for my family was the test run, since really, my goal was to make them for some friends. They get them when family from out of state visits and brings them because they can't find them locally.

I have never had them before our friends introduced them to me. And I was banging my head against the wall when a google search for a recipe for pizza rolls came up empty. Well, okay, it came up with lots of things, just not what I was looking for.

Until another search (that was just a jumble of ingredients) turned up the fact that I was really eating pepperoni rolls - which is exactly what my friends called them, I just forgot until I read it. So I went to work a little after lunch to start the dough. I used the recipe I found here, but modified the fillings for my family.

The vegetarian in the family got two-cheese rolls. The non-pepperoni fans got sausage and cheese rolls and the rest of us ate some pepperoni rolls. Except, in our house, we now call these pizza rolls for sake of not having to be specific. And who knows, if I make them again, I might throw some pizza sauce in there to see?

And then we sat to watch Manchurian Candidate. Which was a good movie. Except, I'm still not sure I fully understand all that happened. Because here's the truth about our movie night. Husband and I were both exhausted. About 65% of the way into the movie, we looked at each other, realized we were both moments from falling asleep. So we stopped the movie and went to bed. Two nights later, we sat down to watch the rest of it.

On one hand, it sounds kind of pathetic. On the other, we live in this world and we are busy and tired and often taking care of other people before ourselves. And sometimes that means we're really tired and that it's time to take care of us. And if that means we pause a movie half-way to go to bed, so be it.

Of course, this is why Netflix is a beautiful thing for us. There is no time limit on what's in our queue - as long as Netflix has the movie (or tv show) it's there waiting for us to come back. And Netflix remembers where we were. No guessing on our part. No trying to remember. Just select the movie again and tell it to continue playing. Or restart it from the beginning if you need to.

It's a wonderful thing. Even if it means that we feel old as we climb into bed before 10:00, not having been able to stay awake long enough to watch a movie. ;-)

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