Saturday, September 20, 2014

Growing Up

Two weeks ago, Miss M, my middle child, turned 12.

Let me tell you about Miss M.

She is taller than me. She is almost as tall her 14yo sister. At 5'6 (and a half)" she is very tall.

She has a hard time finding pants that fit her. They tend to look like floods.

Despite this, she LOVES being tall. She loves it when people point it out and she loves it when she can stand next to someone and be taller than them. 

She likes basketball, volleyball, and softball.

She wants to be on the Chicago Bandits one day.

And a photographer.

She'd like to go to 4H National competition.

She would not like to go to finishing school.

She has heart that is so big I'm not sure how it fits in her body!

She would give you the shirt off her back if she thought you needed it.

She loves to help people.

She is creative. She draws, sews, takes pictures, and about a million other things.

She likes being hands on.

She loves to cuddle.

She doesn't always understand the concept of personal space. Because she loves to cuddle and assumes everyone must also! 

She enjoys body surfing on waves in the ocean.

She makes friends easily and wants to be every one's friend.

She lets me braid her hair on a regular basis.

She loves to sing.

She wants to learn to play the flute.

She was born 10 days past her due date. Which is funny because I was put on bed rest towards the end because I was high-risk for pre-term labor.

She was born the day before the one-year anniversary of 9/11. I was induced. The hospital was leery of doing it in case it took 24 hours and she would be born on 9/11. I didn't care (see previous point).

She daydreams often, likes to smell every flower, and loves enjoying things.

She reads a lot.

She's inquisitive and curious.

She was a mellow baby.

She's an excitable 12 year old.

She loves rocks and minerals - finding them, identifying them, buying them, keeping all of them!

She plays Minecraft and Clash of Clans and other games.

She can easily beat me in a game of Quiddler (a word game).

She was the only child who asked out loud if the cancer would kill me. She was relieved when I told her while I couldn't predict the future, it was unlikely so we should just hold onto that.

She's never broken a bone or had to get stitches :::knock on wood:::

She can cook and bake (simple things by herself, more complex with help).

She doesn't much enjoy cleaning, but will help me if I need it.

She likes to be around people.

She also likes being alone. 

People say she looks like my twin. My mom
says she acts like my twin.

She organizes her things mostly by putting them in piles. Which she inherited from me!

She has a hard time with sarcasm and takes things very literally. Like me.

She can talk your ear off. Like me.

She likes taking selfies. Like me. She also likes taking them with me. Which makes me smile!

Even though she is like me, she is also clearly her very own person.

She's pretty awesome. And special. And kind. And giving. And smart. And gorgeous.

She's my Miss M. And always will be. I can't imagine life without her!

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