Tuesday, February 18, 2014


random snow picture I took
If you are in most areas of the US, the weather this winter has just been yuck.

Yesterday we got hit with more snow - 5ish inches in about 4 hours. It was not so nice out - I had to drive in it when it first started but then was able to stay home for the rest of it and wait it out.

I'm so over winter. I'd like to move. Today. Right now. To a place where there is no cold or no snow.

Of course winter doesn't last forever. Today we hit the 40's around here. It's the first time in over a month I think?

Thursday they are calling for potential bad thunderstorms.

So we'll go from snow, to rain, pretty quickly and then have to worry about flooding! I really hope the weather man is wrong. Of course, the rain will switch to snow towards the end, so Thursday we could have ice, thunderstorms, then snow.

I am underwhelmed at this weather.

That is all really. Just underwhelmed with this weather and wanting it to end. 

Hope things where you are are good and so sorry if you are buried under snow!

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  1. The weather has just been crazy! We didn't get any snow, but the wind has been kicking up dust, and my allergies are on fire!


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