Monday, February 24, 2014


So, I told you there were lots of babies coming soon and I had been busy making baby blankets!

Shortly after Christmas we had a double baby shower to go to - two of my cousins, both expecting, due very close together! One cousin knew that her and her husband would be welcoming a baby boy, so I set out to make a nice blanket. I used some of the same blue/white mix I used to make some blankets last year because I loved working with it so much. I searched ravelry for the perfect pattern and landed on this lovely crocheted blanket!

The yarn is bernat baby - the main part is a blue/white mix and the border is just blue. I worked with I think an H hook? I'm not 100 percent sure on that, but it's probably close enough!

This pattern was nice - easy to remember and I think turned out lovely.

The second blanket needed to be unisex because we weren't sure if there would be a little boy or girl coming. I had a yellow blanket that I had made last year, just waiting for a baby who needed it. So I washed it, wrapped it, and found it a new home.

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of this blanket. It was knit from a book I own (and have made several blankets from). I knit it with two strands of yarn - one yellow and one white, so it's nice and neutral but not bright yellow.

Now I have a blanket to finish for a girl who was born not too long ago and am eagerly awaiting another baby's birth. I'm not sure if there will be a little girl or a little boy to knit for, so I'm going to try to make two blankets and give whichever one works best!

I love all these babies coming. I love making beautiful things for the littlest among us. There's something about it that makes me happy - it's life affirming really. New babies, families growing, so much happiness. It's lovely.

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