Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baby blankets

There are quite a few babies coming soon and so, I've had to buckle down and make quite a few blankets!

This, of course, makes me very happy. Because babies - are so cute and are even cuter when you aren't the one waking up with them during the night. And because I love to knit. I've been crocheting a bit too. I'm excited to report that crochet is starting to feel more and more natural to me. I'm not sure it will ever be as natural as knitting, but it's getting there which makes me smile!

Anyway, a friend expecting a baby girl recently had a shower. I poured over patterns at etsy and picked just the right blanket to make her. Then I picked a second just the right blanket to make her, since both patterns called out to me!

First up is this darling blanket. The pattern is free and can be found here. However, I cast on 137 stitches to make the blanket larger. I used caron simply soft in pink and a size 10 needle and was so pleased at how it turned out!

{Please note: I forgot to take pictures so I literally took the ones I'm sharing in my car like 15 minutes before the shower started. So they aren't the best, but hopefully they aren't the worst LOL}

The second blanket was a ripple blanket with 3 colors. Again, I found the pattern on ravelry. However, I won't link to it. The pattern was wrong - something was off. I don't know enough about crochet to know it was wrong, but I knew enough to realize it was off. The decrease/increase (to make the ripple effect) weren't lining up, so I had to do a bit of tinkering to get it, but I pulled it off and I think it turned out so cute.

Again, I used caron simply soft yarn - I like this because it's soft, can be machine washed/dried and usually I can find the color I want! I used an H hook I think and two rows of each color.

I'm so pleased with how these blankets turned out! I would make them again in a heartbeat. They were fun to make and didn't take too long. I also think they both look great! If I had a little baby, I'd wrap her up in them in a heartbeat!

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