Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Day ...

I'm SO behind on all the wonderful things I want to tell you all .... and I'll get there.

But. It's actually good that I'm behind. The fact is, I'm having a lot of good days lately. I wasn't sure I'd actually get back to this place, but alas, I am!

Today I had a doctor's appointment. I am still going every 3 weeks to get my lovely dose of herceptin. Way back when, even though I was going every 3 weeks, I was only supposed to see the doctor (or nurse practitioner) every 6 weeks. But things went awry. And I was having a lot of issues and side effects and things were hard. And it seemed like every time I went in, when the nurse asked how I was, I broke down into tears and starting going through my huge laundry list of things going on. At that point, I was switched to seeing the doctor every 3 weeks. We added meds, we adjusted other meds, we stopped all meds, we started new meds. Time kept marching on.

Today, I went in. The doctor walked in and asked how I was and I looked at him, and honestly said "I feel great!" Now my doctor, whom I love, pretended to be shocked and asked if I wasn't really Brandie's twin sister because he hadn't heard me say that I felt great before! I joked back and showed him my port to prove I was in fact me.

But. I can't lie. There was something that felt so darn good about sitting in that room, and feeling good.

And I feel like we've reached a turning point. Things are getting back to normal. School is over and we're having a fun summer and getting out of the house and going places. I'm cooking again and sort of cleaning again. I'm singing along to the radio. I'm knitting. I'm taking pictures. I'm even reading again. Things are looking up, and for the moment I'm embracing this feeling and going to hold onto it as long as I can.


  1. PRAISE GOD! I am so happy to read this.

  2. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Yippee---so glad to hear all this Brandie!! :) xo Chris, San Diego


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