Friday, June 22, 2012

Ball and surgery

Softball Player
My 12yo at a game this year!
This time of year we are quite busy with ball. My 6yo plays baseball and both girls play softball (of course, on different teams in different division to make driving everyone where they need to be much more fun!).

We have games and practices almost every night of the week. And it seems like most nights all three kids have something - practice or game. Luckily the girls usually play on fields that are right next to each other, so that helps a lot!

Tuesday I went in for surgery. It was a minor procedure, but still required going under. The surgery was to remove scar tissue from December's surgery and the skin that was just too damaged from radiation and the infection. This is my 4th surgery in 14 months, so by now I feel like I could work for the hospital and give pre-surgical instructions.

Anyway, every time, I am put into a pre-op room (that is more like an ER in that it's not an actual room but more of a spot in a big row of them). And every time before they go to wheel me in, they give me a shot and tell me "You wont' remember anything after this until you wake up." And every time, I remember being wheeled into the OR. Which was scary the first time. Because there was so much I didn't know. In fact, I freaked out when they started to strap my arms down on the arm boards because I didn't know it was coming. This time, I put my arm on the board for them and laughed when they said one was missing and they'd have to go get one from another room. Then when they didn't have the strap for the oxygen mask I joked that the OR room hadn't been prepped very well had it? They laugh back. And talk. And when I say, I cant' wait to tell other people about this, they say "Oh, you wont' remember." Okay. But I will!

Anyway, coming out of anesthesia is usually not as smooth. That's when my memory is hazy. This time, however, not so much. I woke up before they finished wheeling me into the recovery area. I clearly remember waking up and being so confused.

me: Wait, where am I? Why are you moving me?
Nurse: You are being moved to the recovery area.
me: Recovery? For what?
Nurse: You just had surgery. And it went really well.
me: Wait? I had surgery? Oh. I thought I was at a baseball game. 
Nurse: chuckles
me: Well, I do go to a lot of games so I guess that's not too surprising.

 At this point, I started shivering and asked for blankets. And more blankets. And oh, can I get another blanket please. And can you cover my head? Because it's cold too. I remember the nurse asking "Are you sure you're cold? You've got a lot of blankets on you." And I was all, look! I'm shivering! And so she'd run and get another blanket and switch off the older warmed blanket for the newer one. And she covered my head with a warm blanket when I asked. And was lovely. Because at that point I just started talking. I told her she was nice. I thanked her profusely every time she brought me a blanket. I told her I didn't have any pain. And last time I was in that room I was in so much pain I just cried and cried. But after my previous surgery I couldn't remember, but that was a different hospital so it didn't happen in that room. I asked if the person next to me was okay. I asked the time (several times) and commented on the time. I'm pretty sure I actually was talking, kind of sleeping, talking, kind of sleeping. But the nurse was lovely and never once acted annoyed by all my chattering.

Eventually I was wheeled back to the area I started, where my husband was waiting for me. And while I'm not positive, I'm pretty sure one of the first things I told him was I thought I was at a baseball game.

I just couldn't get over the fact that I thought I was at a baseball game! LOL! But, we have been to a crazy amount of games - between baseball and softball, I've seen a lot. So I guess it's not too much of a stretch. But still. Cracks me up today thinking about it.

On a more serious note: recovery this time has been a breeze! This was the easiest procedure I've have done. I only took pain killers for the first 36 hours. The next day was a bit rough, but it passed quickly and I'm so grateful for that!

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  1. I can totally feel you on the games and I only have two playing :)

    So glad recovery is going well


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