Friday, December 23, 2011

Update on Brandie

Hello everyone,

This is the husband.  You've probably wondered where Brandie has been at the past couple of weeks. 

During the 2nd to last week of November she started dealing with a lot of pain in the area of radiation.  Initially dismissed as side effects that pain has persisted.  It reached a point where this pain has dominated her life and has kept her from functioning.  Including updating this blog.

So keeping things short and G - rated, the doctors believe she has an infection.  We are at the hospital now.  She will be undergoing surgery in about an hour.  If all goes well she will be back home for Christmas.  Even more hopeful is that this surgery will end the pain that Brandie has been in the past couple of weeks.

Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers.
Thank you,


  1. Thank you for the update Eric. I will sending her healing light and prayers.


  2. Prayers from here, too. Thanks, Eric.

  3. Thanks Eric! I'll keep her in my thoughts!

  4. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Thanks for posting, Eric. Was really getting worried about Brandie. Thinking of all of you. Chris, San Diego


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)