Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I haz hair

Exciting news at our household .... last Tuesday I was at my mom's and we noticed nothing. The next day, the husband noticed my hair was growing back in. {I didn't}. The next day my kids noticed. {I could sort of tell, but it was only in the back I needed two mirrors to see it}. Then, I could tell, but the hair was so small that a camera couldn't pick it up. Now, a camera can pick it up ... so look ... I have hair again!


I know. It's not much. But you can see it {can you also see how thin my eyebrows are? On a funny note, my eyebrows started losing falling out (along with my eyelashes) a few weeks ago ... several weeks after my last chemo! So strange!}. It's coming in very dark. But it was dark before, so this isn't a huge surprise. Still, if had come back lighter, I wouldn't have complained. Oh well. I'm taking what I'm getting.

I know, I know. On one hand it's just hair. But really? It's so much more. To me it's a sign. My body is healing. Things are trying to get back to normal. It's almost like that first bloom in the springtime. You know spring isn't over yet and snow could still fall, but it's a sign summer will come again. Just when you feel like winter will never end. And that's what this is for me ... and I'm so excited! =)


  1. I totally get the feeling like things are getting back to normal. What do you think, will your eye lashes grow back thicker? I heard they sometimes do after chemo. Wouldn't that be awesome if you didn't need mascara ever again because they were so lush and beautiful

  2. Seeing your smile has made my day...(hooray for hair, too)! Love, Robin

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Your hair will be so beautiful, Brandie! (though I was really partial to the bright pink hair you had earlier this year!) xo Chris, San Diego

  4. Having my hair come back was wonderful - it's like a physical manifestation that you're almost done with the whole f**ing BC process! I'm one year out and feel for you. It's a long road, but you're getting there. My eyebrows and eyelashes finally came back in, not thicker, but pretty similar to what they were like before. My hair is now (finally) pretty thick again. At first it was really, really curly but now it's manageable. XO Claudia NJ


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)