Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Fun!

On Sunday, we were blessed with beautiful weather – that is as beautiful as weather can be in the Chicago area in November. So, we all went outside for some fall fun.

My creation

There was raking to be done, piles of leaves to be made, and of course lots of jumping!

 My creation

 It was so fun to be outside with the whole family. Everyone had a blast jumping and leaves. Yes, even the husband and I played in leaves!the kids jumped in, dove in, and somersaulted in the leaves.

My creation   My creation   My creation


  1. Anonymous5:48 PM

    What fun! Love the colors, smell, and crunch of fallen leaves. Happy Fall, Brandie! xo Chris, San Diego

  2. Dude, I love fall colors. Our leaves didn't turn until the rain began to fall so we have lots of squishy, colorful leaves. ;{


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