Friday, May 08, 2009

Learning to embroider ...

This week I learned, well, am learning, how to hand embroider.
I saw a project a while ago on craftzine and wanted to copy it. Of course I saw it forever ago and didn't bookmark it, so I can't give credit to the original creator, but I needed to embroider to complete it.

What I am making is a gift (which means you can't see pictures until it's been given and opened. Sorry) and I thought the gift would be even better if I got the kids in on it too. So not only have I been stitching away this week, but so have the girls.

Now, I won't tell you that our stitches are perfect and uniform and even. They are not. But they are turning out really well. And the girls are doing a great job with it. Miss M is already planning out her next few projects. I believe Miss A might have another one in the works as well. They've made great progress this week though and it's neat to sit down and be able to do this with them!





I love having this to do with them. And maybe their other projects will come to fruition and maybe not, but at least for now I'll have this week to remember stitching and learning along right beside them!


My project is done now. But never fear - it was so great, I have another project on the list! =)


  1. I used to do that! I used to love having something little in my hands to work on. It has been so many years....

    I am looking forward to your finished product.

  2. I really enjoy embroidery. I've been thinking about getting PeeWee started on it, I think she'd love it and I need to check how she does it for a project coming up.


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)