Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back ...

Without meaning to leave. All last week I was hit with something nasty and yucky. My darling sister kept calling me Swine Sister as she was convinced I had swine flu. I'm starting to think I had too with how awful I felt. I did go to the doctor and she didn't want to test me for it so, I probably I just had a bad cold!

They did make u wear face masks in the waiting room though - they started that policy last year if you were coughing (which both my daughter and I were) but this time we went in I noticed you also had to wear them if you had any flu-like symptoms. (And yes, I am in my pajamas in the shot. And after they took me to the room, I fell asleep waiting for the doctor. I really didn't feel good and getting dressed and sitting up too long were just not happening!)

Anyway, things here are going well now. Except my garden isn't planted. I was going to do it today, but you know the soil is just too hard. I think we are going to buy some top soil and peat to mix in there to help it out. So, no planting just yet.

I have about 12 projects that are on my finish ASAP list - I have 5 of them done now which feels very good! Of course, I started a few that weren't on there at all which is almost like cheating! LOL!

I had a birthday last weekend. I am now 30 years old! I love birthdays and loved this one too! I got some gift cards I'm anxious to spend at Jo-Ann's, itunes, and Target. And I got a bit of spending money too. My kids made signs to hang all over the house - I LOVED it! My husband made a fabulous dinner, got my parents over here and was just awesome to me =) That's what makes birthdays so special I think!

I also got this book

And I'm so excited about it. Other bloggers kept talking about it and I just knew I needed to have it after hearing about it. I haven't tried any recipes yet, but I have bookmarked a ton that are on my must make as quickly as possible list! Tomorrow I need to make some bread and will hopefully get to try at least one recipe in here!!

But I have to say, I am so GLAD to be back and feeling better. And I have lots of great ideas in my head, lots of things I want to make and create, and some fun things to tell you about!! =)


  1. Happy 30th! You're going to love the 30s!

  2. Glad you're feeling better.... Because the swine flu is now pandemic they have stopped testing unless seriously ill needing hospitalization...

    Glad you're feeling better. They suspect my sister's daughter had it too.


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