Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trying something new ....

Yes, this is one of those color by number kits.
I just had to have it. I don't know what came over me. I just grabbed it off the shelf and threw it into the cart!
As you can see I started a bit of it. I have to say, it is very relaxing to just color. I enjoyed working on it for the whole 5 uninterrupted minutes I got today!

Aside from coloring a bit today, I finished the sleeve to ballet sweater for dd while the kids ran around at the park and babyboy sat on a blanket near me snacking. I also made two swatched that I said I was going to do a few weekends ago and never did. One of them is too big right now, and the other is perfect. I will wash and recheck gauge tomorrow. I hope after washing they both are perfect because I'm trying to use yarn I already own in an effort to save money and my marriage as my dh just might not appreciate me buying more yarn when I have several boxes of it here already and had him take several to storage the other day. So crossing fingers it works, and if it doesn't, well they items I'm knitting for gifts, so really, he can't get mad at me for that. It will be cheaper to buy the yarn then to buy a gift from the store! Well, that will be my excuse anyway ;-)

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  1. I love reading about all your beautiful projects. You're inspiring me to actually learn how to knit.


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