Thursday, April 07, 2005

Finished pair!

I am done with the pair of socks now. They were made with Lion Brand Magic Stripes, denim stripes.

The finished socks. The only bummer is that on her left sock, the color after the blue was red ... you can see I had to finish the sock with a bit of red there. It's because I messed up the kitchner stitch (I did a few purls/knits backwards) and was too lazy to go back adn finish, becuase she is 5 afterall and I was so excited to be done with them!

Another shot (ignore her little bruise there ... we've been busy running around outdoors and her poor legs are covered :-( )


  1. I never would have noticed on the socks. That's just the beauty of a handknit gift. :) I want socks!

  2. Good for you!!! Great job. Did you figure out the Kitchener stitch or just fake it. I found the best instructions in the Stitch n B*Tch book. (hate that title)


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