Monday, April 11, 2005

Always call ahead ....

So today I figured would be my day to venture to the LYS. Found out it's only .7 of a mile away (but tucked in an area I've never been before hence I never noticed it LOL!)
So 2 year old goes in the stroller, 5 year old walks besides me ... and off we set to walk there. The weather was gorgeous and I hate to drive such a little distance LOL! So we get there and hte hours are something like 10-3 everyday. But then there is a handwritten sign that says "Store will be closed on Mondays starting ..." some day before today!
Bummer. I wanted to go in too. Oh well, at least I know where it is now. And the walk was nice. Also, the local Jewel was only a few blocks away (towards home) so we ended up stopping there and getting some nice yummies!
Anyway, didn't end up doing hardly any knitting today. Still plugging along on the knitted dress for my 2 year old (although I'm having very inconsistent tension @@), started some socks for my 2 year old (out of what was left from my 5 year old's socks) and yesterday I picked up some yarn to start another blanket!

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