Tuesday, June 02, 2015

MIA ... again

Hello friends!

I know, I've been MIA again, despite my best efforts to not be.

I don't mean to go missing for a bit. It's just that life happens and what can you do? Or, what can you not do? And for me that means blogging.

May was an up and down month.

We finished the landscaping in the yard. It was good. But so very much work, that was accomplished with a lot of help!

I turned 36. Which was good.

We had out of town guests. Which was good. But tiring. And busy.

I hosted 37 people here on Memorial Day (for a potluck thankfully) and we took family pictures. That was amazing. But a lot of work. And time. And effort. And stress.

The kids had some great ball games which I enjoy watching - except for when it's cold and rainy.

Those were the good moments.

May also came with it's own sad moments as well.

There was (and still is) grief as we mourn those who we are now missing.

I had a lymphedema flare-up worse than I've ever had. Complete with swelling and pain and the inability to basically use my right hand/arm for a few days. Physically, I was unable to sit and type on the computer with both hands. And I couldn't manage to stop using my right hand, so I had to walk away from everything completely for a few days to rest and heal.

This also meant no knitting, taking pictures, crocheting and other things. This may deserve it's own post about anger and not accepting things very well.

In addition there has been other pain. Doctor's appointments. Tests.

I have a lot to be grateful for. A lot of good moments. I've got good people in my life.

I've also got some things I need to work on: acceptance, patience, and not pushing my body's limits.

Time. I keep saying I need time. I just wish there was a way to not need time to get through it all.

But I'm here. My arm still isn't perfect, so I need to continue to take it easy.

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