Monday, March 23, 2015


For the past few weeks, I've been sharing a post or two over at the CureDiva blog.

It's been an honor to have posts over there, and so far, I had been sharing old posts from this blog over there ... rerunning them if you will, for an audience primarily focused on breast cancer.

Today, however, I have two posts that I wrote specifically for CureDiva.

One is a letter to my body. I hope I can listen to my own advice. The last week around here has been a struggle with migraines, stomach issues, and chronic fatigue. I'm tired. And I need some rest.

The second, is a follow-up to what I shared here last summer about getting some more DNA testing to see if there was a genetic component to my cancer. I got the results on time, but wasn't ready to share them. Now I am.

Hope you'll hop on over to read my posts, as well as what the other fabulous writers are sharing!


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