Thursday, December 11, 2014

And he's 9

Today my son, my youngest, the babiest of my babies, turns 9. 

My goodness. 

9 years.

9 years ago he came into this world in what was practically a picture-perfect birth. Including the fact that he was born in the caul (the amniotic sac did not break during labor or birth!). 

It's been an amazing 9 years with him.

Though, we really thought our family might be complete with two girls, the universe knew we needed this little boy in our lives. 

He makes us laugh. He says the cutest things. He still likes to cuddle with me. He holds my hand in public. He loves learning, even though he doesn't like schoolwork. He spends too much time playing video games, but he's good at them. He longs to be independent but still needs us for so much. He has more energy than I could have ever dreamed. He loves to throw things (thankfully now he mostly only throws balls. when it's appropriate. mostly). He can turn anything into a sword. He is curious. He is creative. He makes me smile. He makes me cry. When he is happy, he is the happiest. When he's mad though, he is MAD. He feels so many emotions and they switch in an instant (though, he's mostly happy and mostly content, thankfully!). He wants to learn to cook. He is helpful around the house - though you may have to ask him once or twice or twenty times. He loves Minecraft and Legends of Zelda and Mario. He still wants to play with his sisters. He has a giving spirit and a good heart.

That's not to say things are all perfect over here and we never have our moments, because we do. He's human. I'm human. Sometimes our humanness does not want to get along! But I always know that we'll make up, we'll apologize and that the love never fades. Not for a single second.

I'm so glad we've got this boy in our lives. He, like the girls, enriches my life and makes it better. 

Happy Birthday Mister Man! Welcome to 9! 

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