Friday, October 31, 2014

Netflix, Cakes, and Birthdays

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On Tuesday, my oldest baby turned 15.

Okay, so she's not a baby anymore. But, I still remember when she was so very tiny. 

Her birth day
When I was pregnant with her, and I found out her due date was at the end of October, I was determined that this baby would NOT come on Halloween. 

You see, my family owns and runs a pumpkin farm. So, we do a lot of Halloween stuff. We think about it long before October arrives and those who work there are cleaning up from it after October 31. 

Halloween when she was 5

I'm not sure why, but because of all of this, I did not want my first born to arrive on Halloween.

Thankfully, she cooperated and came on October 28. 

Now, at 15, she is so upset that she didn't wait to be born until Halloween. She thinks nothing would be better than a Halloween birthday! She loves Halloween.

Another cake I made her
This extends to her movie/tv selections. She likes horror films, scary tv shows, and all sorts of things I do not like (because I am a big baby and this stuff scares the living day lights out of me!). She recently watched American Horror Story (the first two season) through Netflix. I stayed on a separate floor of the house and watched more uplifting shows like Criminal Minds. Well, okay, maybe not more uplifting, but less scary and less gory and more crime show (which I love). 

(Side note: So thank goodness, Netflix allows us to stream on two devices at once, so we can both get our fix!) 

But, one thing we can all sit down to watch is Nightmare Before Christmas. Now, my 15 year old LOVES Nightmare (Before Christmas). And Jack. And Sally. And it's a show we can all watch together! 

Her cake this year
It seems that Nightmare is especially popular now. Or maybe it's always been and I just didn't notice. So with her upcoming birthday, and knowing that Nightmare has streamed on Netflix more times this month than I can count, I knew her birthday would have a heavy Nightmare presence. 

And then she asked for a Nightmare cake. Well, actually, she e-mailed me links to these gorgeous, fabulous, and very professional cake pictures she found with subjects like "Can you make this?" "Or this one" "Oh, I bet you can make this for me."

Um. I like to bake. I can bake a cake. I can frost it simply. I am not a cake boss or the next great American baker or even a cake decorator. But I dove in head first and gave it my best effort. Because she is, after all, my baby

So I set out and had an amazing awesome cake in my head, that I pulled some parts out of some of the pictures she sent me. 

My gorgeous 15 year old!
Naturally, the cake didn't turn out how I pictured it. But it turned out. And I think I did an okay job. And she liked it - since it is her day, that is all that counts in my book! 

I'll spare you all my weepy thoughts about my baby growing up, but I will say, she's turning into a pretty amazing woman, despite all the horror movies she watches ;-) 

And, I've been warned that Nightmare Before Christmas will be watched many more times between now and Christmas. Which is fine by me! 

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