Friday, July 12, 2013


It's Friday! And not a moment too soon.

We've been busy around here - between softball, the holiday, 4H, and the other million things to do, it's been crazy. But we've accomplished a lot and that feels good. I still have a mile long to-do list, but I'll work my way through - somehow I always do.

It's been pretty good though. I have so much to tell you all, and yet, not enough time to sit down and write. This is my blogging curse: if I'm busy, I struggle to find time to blog. If I'm not busy, I have time to blog and nothing to blog about! Gotta love that little circle. But the list of things to blog about in my head is steadily growing. And someday, if I can tackle just half of them, I'll feel accomplished!

But now it's Friday. And my plan right now is to do as little as possible. I will oversee the kids as they do things, but I plan to do a lot of nothing. I won't have a car (husband's car is in the shop. Again. Sigh.) so I can't run around and do errands.

I might take a nice walk. I haven't been on a good walk in a while, maybe not since the two walks I participated in last month (both of which are on my list of things to blog about). I've been cleared to start getting back into things though and I'd love to go on nice, long walk. Plus, a cousin of mine recently told me I needed to run a marathon in my life, so, you know, I'll start with walking and see how far I can make it ;-) Probably though, no one should hold their breath waiting for me to run a marathon.

I might do some reading. I'm trying to make my way through Game of Thrones. It is not the first time I've tried reading it, but I've gotten the farthest this time around. The husband and I have watched the first two seasons and that has helped me as I can keep all the characters (mostly) straight in my head. I do occasionally have to google who someone is to remind me.

I'll probably be helping the 10yo with her 4H projects. The fair is 10 days away and she is working hard to get everything ready. I think we are in good shape though. She's a bit worried about finishing, but we have more done already this year than we did on fair day last year!

And other than that, I'll be hanging out and relaxing. Sitting around in my compression sleeve, which I am back in now during "all waking hours." I have a new one though, much much nicer than the one I was wearing a few weeks ago. But, I haven't worn it since before surgery until today so I am getting used to it again (side note: I wasn't allowed to put it on post-surgery until I got okayed to do so and I just had that happen today. So, no, I wasn't being a bad patient by not wearing it. I was actually being a good patient!).

At least though, I have a pretty one now (thanks to some awesome friends!) and that makes me smile when I look at it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. In fact, have a wonderful weekend. Even those of you who are going through rough times - I'm holding you in my heart and wishing desperately there was more I could do.



  1. That looks like a lymphdiva sleeve, (I really like their stuff). Your patterns is lovely! ~Catherine

  2. Jessie9:35 AM

    Love the sleeve! You always make me smile when you post these days. I think you could just write, "Boo!" and I would smile. I like the photos too. It is nice to see you as your health springs back. Have a wonderful weekend.


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