Monday, July 01, 2013

Done, well, almost

Hello everyone!

Sorry it took so long to get back here, but life is busy (as always) and truthfully, I just wasn't in a blogging mood. I know, I know, what a poor excuse, but there you have it.

Anyway, I'm here now. Surgery went well. Recovery sucked, but surgery went well. I find the more and more surgeries I have, the less and less I tolerate them. The anesthesia makes me so sick - despite the anesthesiologist saying that they are giving me all that they can. I had to take antibiotics, just in case, and those made me sick too. I spent 3 days itching all over and a few more itching locally from surgery. Basically, I think surgery sucks. And I'm SO happy this is, at least for quite some time, my last one.

I'm not completely done with reconstruction though - there are a few small steps, the finishing touches if you will. Unlike Angelina, I was not able to keep my nipples (which actually, might be a post for another day if I can get over talking about my nipples that much on such a public forum LOL!), and so I'll have to decide what to do about that.

That aside, the hard part is over. I don't have tissue expanders in anymore. I woke up instantly able to breath deeper than I have in so long. It was like literally getting a weight off my chest. These permanent implants feel much nicer, both inside and outside.

Of course I use the term permanent in a relative sense. These aren't permanent for my lifetime. I will probably have to replace them within 10-20 years (how's that for a specific range LOL!), though closer to the shorter length because they tend to be replaced sooner when used for reconstruction verses non-reconstruction. I'll take it though. At this point, even 10 years feels pretty permanent to me. If you think about, on the right side, this is my 4th breast in like 2.5 years, so, yeah, 10 years would be awesome ;-)

I'm glad to be on this side of things. I'm glad this surgery is done and behind me. It's going to take some getting used to though. There's still some healing that I need to get through - both physically and mentally. But I know I'll get there. One moment at a time ;-)

my first post-surgery picture


  1. Congratulations on getting through. It's good to hear this is your last surgery for a while - I hope your recovery just gets better and better. ~Catherine

  2. Sweetie, you look beautiful, as always. I hope hope hope that this IS your last surgery for many years and that you can focus on living your life, getting your strength back, and healing.

    Miss you!

  3. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery. You're looking great!

  4. Jessie1:51 PM

    So happy to see this post. :) You are often in my thoughts and prayers.


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