Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time ...

Time is positively not on my side these days! There's just too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all! But, I am trying to remember to breath, to enjoy this season because it's supposed to be fun! And it is. It's just that it can also be stressful and full of a lot of to-do lists that are just impossible to finish, unless I decided to skip sleeping until December 26. And well, I might push the limits of staying up very late, but I can't give up sleep altogether =)

Anyway, things aren't going all that badly, but as each day passes, I worry about the projects left to finish. And a few things I've changed just knowing time is short. (Seriously, I think for next year I will have to start December 26 this year LOL!) But really, things are pretty good and after changing a few things, I'm not as nervous as I was a few days ago. And today, I got a massage. And that helps. A lot! I think I absolutely need to get a massage every single December. Well, okay, maybe every month ;-)

Also, this month I joined a photo class (not so much a class as a prompt a day to help inspire you to take photos) and I'm loving it! It's over at Big Picture Classes and I'm loving it. It's called Picture the Holidays. I think I will also sign up Picture Winter - which is similar. I do also wish I could take this Mastering Manual Mode class too - however, that's not quite in the cards for me yet! (And no, I'm not a paid spokesperson, I am just really enjoying the class so far!) I'm going to be posting my pictures here I hope - but I always say I'll share, and then never remember to do so. I hope not this time. Some of the pictures I'm actually proud of ;-)

Also, my baby turned 5 on Saturday. This led to a lot of excitement and happiness in our house. But, me, I'm a bit sad too. Because he's growing so big and independent. And while I love all of that - I truly truly do! I'm not above admitting that it is kind of a bit sad to be needed less. Although I'm not sure I really am, I am just needed in a different way I suppose and I am having a hard time transitioning. The kids, though, they are fine with it all!

It seems like a blink of an eye he's gone from little baby to a big boy

Happy birthday my little booga boy =)

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