Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Some Lovely Soap ...

Look what arrived in my mailbox a few days ago:


Can you tell what's in there? {Also, note, it's not wrapped in plastic, which makes me smile lots!} Anyway, it's a lovely bar of soap from my friend over at Nothing But Soap. Sent me some lavender soap and I love it!


I love how it smells (nice, but not strong, which is good because strong smelling products and I are not a good mix LOL!).

Her etsy shop is full of lots of great soaps and a few extras! You can get a lovely little gift set

I know December is ticking by (and going faster every day!) but I think this would be a great teacher gift or a nice stocking stuffer. Or you know, you could get one and send it to your favorite blogger ;-) And there is still time to order some. And then, order some for you too. Because I know you've worked hard this holiday season getting everything all set so you could use a little bit of pampering =)

Anyway, head on over to Nothing But Soap and check it out. =)

*Disclosure: I was given this bar of soap by my friend. I decided to share it with you. I am not being compensated for this and all opinions are my own. =)

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  1. I love soaps. Once upon a time, I even made soaps... but no time now. I'm with you on the strong scents though. They give me a headache!


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