Friday, July 09, 2010

What? I have a blog!

I know, I know, my poor neglected little blog. I swear I didn't forget about you. Not did I purposefully leave you. It's just that that pesky little thing called life gets in the way. And here's the deal - without that life, I'd have nothing to blog about so, there it is.

Anyway, the girls are almost done with softball (2 weeks left). It's kept us quite busy. I'm still working weekends (till the end of the month!). And hubs has been swamped at work. And I've dealt with some stomach-bug type thingy. So, it commonly feels like there isn't enough time to catch my breath these days.

Sadly very little crafting has happened in between all of this stuff. I hope, and pray, life will get back to more normal terms when softball ends. Don't get me wrong - I love it a lot. And I love watching the girls play. And they both love it. But it's taking time. And often both girls have games/practice at the same time - which means hubs takes the younger one and I take the older one and we get about 5 minutes to say hi, how was your day, anything important we need to know before turning around and heading out!

Anyway, not trying to be downer here - really, I've had a lot of great moments - I just haven't had time to blog them all lately! LOL! =) Next week we have something really FUN coming up that I can't wait to talk about (post coming on that in a few moments LOL!) And tonight, my oldest has her very first play off game and so we are all very excited about that! =)

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