Monday, April 20, 2009


A while ago, an amazing awesome friend brought me yarn when I was feeling down (it's here if you want to look). And it was more than the fact that she gave me yarn, but was really that she reached out when I needed it the most.

Anyway, I finally finished the socks. First, I have to tell you, I often knit in public and so people ask what I'm knitting and who is it for. You can not understand how exciting it was to say "Socks. Just for me. Because a friend gave me this yarn and so they have to be for me!" Because, as so many crafters know, sometimes, you feel like you spend most of your time making things for others - for baby showers, wedding gifts, birthday, holidays, etc. And sometimes you don't always make yourself something because there are others you need to create for first.
Well, people, not this time. This time I knit all for me and enjoyed every moment of it.
So without further ado, here are my completed socks - the pattern is named Happy Feet, and I do have happy feet, but I have an even happier heart!




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