Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A first!

We had another first in our house yesterday .. our first broken bone. It was full of all the drama and chaos and crying and tears that you would expect from a 9 year old girl!

She was riding her scooter with neighborhood friends when it got stuck and down she went. Of course, it was at the 5:00 hour. She insisted to me that she broke her wrist - and I was believing her (despite her drama queen tendencies, she was acting and complaining in ways I have never seen before) so I called hubby and told him COME HOME NOW!

The two of them went off to the Urgent Care where the x-ray confirmed that she had fractured her wrist. The fracture is pretty far across the bone and a little bit more would have been a complete break.

She came home wrapped up and with a sling. Tomorrow we will call to try to get a cast. She is already set on having a pink one and has insisted after the cast we immediately go buy a marker so everyone can sign it. All in all, she held up pretty well when she got home. She is, however, bummed that she can't participate in swimming, diving, or other such activities. But, this mom is grateful that it wasn't any worse than a fractured wrist.


  1. I am so glad that it wasn't a full break. She was very brave. I am sure she will love having her friends sign her cast. I will keep my fingers crossed that all heals well before she gets bored with the cast and excitement.

  2. Ouch!! At least it wasn't a complete break. I hope things go really well taking care of it. I hope she DOES get a pink cast!

  3. Poor girl! And poor mommy! Hope it heals quickly!

  4. Oh Brandie! Whew! I am so glad that it wasn't worse. I can relate to the feeling you surely got when she came running in! I remember when my oldest son was about 9 and he ran into a tree while riding his bike; he broke his nose!

    Be sure to stop back by my blog...there's a little something there for ya girlie!!!

    Hugs, Health and Happiness,

  5. Oh now, how awful! Hopefully a pink cast will keep her cheerful against all the itchy inconvenience!


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