Friday, March 06, 2009

Busy, busy!

Well, maybe not that busy, but it feels busy to me! Lots of knitting going on, and driving, and swim lessons, and piano lessons, and shopping and all sorts of stuff like that. I wish I had pictures to show you, but alas I don't. Someday ...

Anyway, today we had fun! My cousin called earlier in the week to see if I could help her make curtains. Sure, no problem, yeah, come on over, I said! Totally forgetting the part where, you know, I've NEVER made curtains before in my life! LOL! Today she bought the fabric, twice! Because the first fabric went out the window when we went shopping again to get a liner for it and she walked to the canvas and said (so wisely) that couldn't she use that and then we wouldn't need a liner? Yes! And yes, that would be easier since I've also never used liner on curtains LOL!

Then we came home nad started to cut it. Except I was being stupid and took forever and then didn't even cut it right (it started right at the top and somehow gained 2 inches of width by the end. Oops). But she left and I finished cutting and also the fabric lost it's 2 extra inches. I'm under strict orders to not just sew them for her - which was totally what I was going to do but apparently my cousin is a mind reader and she knew! LOL! I just cut them, so when she comes over, they'll be ready to be sewn. Okay, okay, I plan to iron them too, but that's okay, because I only promised to not finish them and ironing is not finishing them right.

If she lets me, I'll show you the finished the product. But I think once we get started it will feel less scary. And it would feel a lot less scary if I were making them for say, my kid's room because I could screw them up and that would be okay ... which has me thinking that both the kids' rooms need new curtains so if this goes well, I think I will be making more. And if this doesn't go well ... well, they haven't noticed they need new curtains so the old ones will stay LOL! =)

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  1. My mom makes curtains, but I can't sew for the life of me! LOL Good for you for trying something new with no fear! I made my first set of stitch markers the other day, after failing 5 time before that! Haha. Practice makes perfect :)


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