Thursday, April 26, 2007

Never enough time in the day ...

Well, I'll post a little bit now ... to say all that I want to say, I think I would need several hours to type and organize photos and all that jazz, but I'll start now and try to finish up later!

The biggest news going on over here is the opening of my Etsy Store: Emmagail Creations. I am so excited to start my store, but if you do pop over there, you might notice a small inventory. I am feeling torn about making tons of things to put in it or keeping it low for now and see if I even sell anything! Probably it will stay low because I don't have enough hours in the day to do all I want to do! So far I have had one order - but hey, I'm happy I just got that first one! I also donated an item from the shop to a contest and that was fun to do!

This is a huge step. I've been telling my dh for over three years now that I wanted to do something like this. The timing has never felt right. Not that the timing is any better now, but yet it felt right. And something inside of me and a lot of somethings outside of me said DO IT NOW! So I did. Just like that. Dh came home from work one day and when he asked me how my day was I said something like "It was good. I opened my own store today. Let's hope I sell something." My dh, being the guy he is, pretty much replied "Great! Good luck with it." Ah, just one of the many reasons I love him. I promise if the tables had been turned I would have asked a million questions and would have been slow to warm up to the idea!

Aside from working on that, I am trying to do some crafting all for myself and the kids! Some knitting going on, the start of sewing a dress, oldest has requested a purse made from an old skirt she loves but can't really wear anymore, and I have some ideas to make some end of year teacher gifts. I'd like to say I will have pictures to share this weekend, but really, I thought I'd be sharing pictures last weekend, and you can see how well that idea turned out!

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone else =)


  1. Well, I for one can vouch for your quality and cuteness of your designs! I'll definitely check out your Etsy story.

  2. Your shop will do well, I'm sure of it. Congratulations and happy crafting! Hey, you're a professional crafter now!!


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