Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Home again, home again ...

Thanks to some very kind people tonight, dd and I are home. She is tucked into bed and hopefully half way to sleep!
First of all, my daughter rocks.
Second of all, knitters rock.
And third of all, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee rocks.
That's the short story of the evening ...

The long one is below:
So we walked in not late, but all the seats were already taken.

Which, I did assume would be the case.
Now, when we first walked in, there were two people greeting at the door. One of the ladies my dd started talking to immediately. She was so impressed A was there, with a knitting project in hand to boot. So we bought two copies of Cast Off because we decided we both needed our own (mostly because I wanted her to have her own copy as sort or a remembrance of tonight, but wanted my own to read now lol!). Then we walked back to all the people.
They were sharing projects they were working on. Within minutes of being there, my 7 year old raises her hand and shows everyone the scarf she is making.
This is so silly of me, but I totally teared up. I mean, tears were just there! I
really felt silly, but she just looked so grown up and sounded so grown up. ::sigh::

Then we sat on the floor, which was fine. And she just started chatting away to the woman next to her. Had I thought about it, I would have taken photos and gotten people's names, but I was so caught up and thinking about how my baby has grown up!!
Anyway, they chatted a bit. DD was knitting during most of this chatting.

Then, in a very nice gesture, someone who had been saving seats in the second row, decided maybe her friend wasn't coming and gave dd and I two seats! How very nice! (As I said earlier, knitters rock!). Then of course, my dd started chatting the new person she was sitting next to. Truly, my dd talked to more people tonight than I did.
So then it's time to start and the woman who we spoke with when we first came in was doing the introduction. She wanted to know who came the farthest (someone was there from North Carolina!) and then mentioned she already knew who the youngest person there was. At that, my dd stood up and waved! Yeah, she's not shy LOL!
Then we listened to the very entertaining Yarn Harlot herself speak.

I laughed so much tonight. It was great and wonderful!! Of course during all of this, my dd was a bit lost during most of and mentioned that it must be too funny for her to laugh. Although at one point there was a spot where yarn was called kittens and my dd indeed got that and thought it was the funniest thing she ever heard in her entire life!
So the talking ended, questions were asked. My dd asks a question (of course!) and wanted to know what was the favorite project Miss Stephanie (that's what dd calls her now) ever did. I totally appreciated the fact that Miss Stephanie told her to ask her mommy what harlot meant and how she really wasn't sure what the favorite was. A looks to me, waiting for me to tell her, meanwhile the rest of us are laughing at this ... thankfully Miss Stephanie says harlot means you like lots and lots of things and it's hard to pick just one. (thank you for that explanation as I was totally tongue tied and know she would have asked again on the car ride home LOL!)
Then it was book signing time.

Again, thanks to the very kind people around us (I seriously can not say enough thanks!) dd was allowed to be first in line. So she showed Miss Stephanie her scarf and got a book signed to her. She is so proud of having that book.

Tonight was worth it just to see how excited my dd was, to see how encouraged she was, to see how wonderfully kind everyone was (not that I had any doubts prior to this evening) and on the way home she told me, that she had a great time and will always remember tonight as a special time with me. Awww!!! My heart melted right there.
Now she is also determined to start a mother/daughter knitting club. She things more kids should knit and spend that time with their moms just like what we do.
Seriously, I could cry out of happiness. How truly lucky am I to be her mom? So lucky. Too lucky.
So tonight was indeed a very grand night for a variety of reasons. And I will say it again ...
First, my dd rocks.
Second, knitters rock.
And third, Stephanie Peral-McPhee rocks!


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Thanks for the great story. I wish I had taken my 9yo dd. Maybe next book!
    Deanna in Sleepy Hollow

  2. DrakeNStarrsmom6:06 PM

    Awww how sweet!! I wish I could teach Starr to knit,,she just doesn't have the patience to learn :(

  3. How totally fun!! Your dd is awesome! You've inspired me to work on knitting with my 4.5yo ds again. I started teaching him right after Christmas when he got a kids knitting kit, but I've been too caught up in my own projects lately.

  4. What a great memory to be able to share with your daughter. She will never forget that experience! I wish I'd been that fearless at her age...or at my age. I'd probably faint if The Harlot ever spoke to me. ;)


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