Friday, February 27, 2015

House of Cards

*As a reminder, I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. I am being compensated for sharing about Netflix with you. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Do you know what today is? Today is February 27.

I have been counting down to this day.

Today, well, early this am, the next season of Netflix's original show House of Cards comes out.

And so, I will attempt to watch as many episodes as possible to get through them all.

I LOVE binge watching things. And I especially love binge watching House of Cards!

I watched the first season when it came out, in a few weeks.

Last year, I watched the second season in a week. I considered it my Valentine's Day gift to myself!

This year, I will attempt to do the same thing.

Here's how I've prepared:

  • I've already warned my family that momma will be a bit preoccupied until all episodes have been watched.
  • I've got drinks lined up: water, tea, and Izze.
  • I've got a secret stash of chocolate. And a box of Girl Scout Cookies just for me. 
  • I've also got chips, veggies, hummus, and other yummy snacks on hand as well! 
  • I've planned simple dinners that will allow me more watching time. 
  • The tablet and computer will be charged since I will stream it through one of those devices.
  • My headphones have become unlost (related: I always lose them! Why are they so easy to lose?) so that if I can watch if someone else wants to be in the same room and not hear it. NOTE: Not the children though. This isn't a show I'd watch with my children in the room ... I mean the husband or the granny!
  • I've got two knitting projects to keep my hands busy as I watch. 
  • I rewatched the last episode of season 2 last night to remind myself of what exactly was going on
  • I've already noted who of my friends will be watching as well so we can discuss, discuss, and gasp in awe at what happens together.
Speaking of friends, I have a "date" with a friend in New Jersey. We're going to video chat and watch the first episode together! I'm so excited to do this. No one else in my house watches this show so it will be fun to have someone to watch it with. It'd be better if she were coming over in person, but I'll take the video chat.

I'm just so excited to see what Frank and Claire have in store for us!

Now pardon me while I run ... I'm sure I can squeeze in one more episode right now!

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