Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A wee bit of crocheting

brown crochet blanketWhile knitting will always be number one in my heart, I do sometimes like to take a break and get some crocheting done. I especially like to do some crochet for baby blankets, and so I whipped this lovely blanket up a few months ago.

brown crochet blanketThis blanket was especially important for me to make. I can't say why here, but I can say this: all the stars aligned and the making of this blanket was perfect. And will always feel a bit special to me.

Even though this blanket is going to a little girl, I wanted to make it gender neutral, in case that little girl gets some siblings someday and mom will want to wrap the next baby up. Also, I looked at the gift registry and saw the bedding they picked had a lot of brown in it. It was both, but the first reason sounds so much more romantic, right?

brown crochet blanketAnyway, this blanket whipped up pretty quickly. I added one more repeat of the pattern so it would be a bit bigger. (I do that a lot because I want these blanket to last for longer than the newborn phase). It was an easy pattern to follow and nice to make. I did misread the pattern at first so I had to restart it once, but thankfully I figured it out pretty quickly!

I love this blanket. Here are the details:
  • Pattern name: Peter (you need a ravelry account to view it. Which, if you knit or crochet you should have. And it's free, so win-win!). 
  • Yarn used: Caron simply soft ... I think 4, I didn't pay attention
  • Hook: H
  • Modifications: added one more repeat of the pattern to the width of the blanket
brown crochet blanketOverall, I'm really pleased with how this blanket turned out! 

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  1. A beautiful color and a beautiful pattern.


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