Friday, August 17, 2012

Sorry, no time for blogging .....

Sorry, I've had no time for blogging.

I've been busy doing this

Riding the Amtrak train from Chicago to Colorado

Enjoying fabulous sculptures in Grand Junction, CO

Playing in the pool

Rafting on the Colorado River

Seeing awesome wildlife

Petting horses on the ranch

Horseback riding 

Enjoying the view on horseback

Hanging out with these lovely people

marveling at how rocks can stay like that

being completely amazed at the landscape out here

marveling at how shifting plates, wind and water can create such amazing views

hoping the crack on this arch doesn't get any bigger while I'm resting under it!


hiking along some (not too bad) trails

watching my children also be amazed by it all

going to my first rodeo

not sure if I'm hoping the cowboys get him or he gets away lol!

looking at imprints of fossils

checking out the locals

having picnics

smiling for the camera

taking pictures

Sight-seeing with this bunch

thinking my children are growing up too fast

hanging out with my husband

Looking at rocks and seeing what shapes I see (this looks like a sheep laying on the ground to me)


seeing things I've never seen before

helping these guys become junior rangers

And mostly, just having fun and relaxing. 


  1. Wow.. that's a lot of doing! Good to see people are still getting out and about nowadays. My family is going camping this weekend. I unfortunately am stuck at home because I work on the weekends :( Anyways, I traveled cross country when I was younger and in Arizona there were some rocks like those standing ones. Isn't that just amazing to see up close?

  2. That's all? Sounds wonderful!!!!! Looks wonderful!!!! Enjoy this special time with your sweet family!!!! xo

  3. Jessie4:19 PM

    Way better stuff than blogging any day! Love it.

  4. What a great vacation! I'm so glad you had a good time.

  5. Anonymous10:53 PM

    So awesome, Brandie - looks like the perfect getaway for your adorable family! xo Chris, San Diego

  6. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Awesome pics.... you all look wonderful! Your pics make me realize it's time for a family adventure here, too....

    Sept Moms 2002....

  7. Beautiful pictures!!! I love it. I have always wanted to go out West. Have a fabulous trip!

  8. I'm glad you are having a great time. The photographs are lovely!!


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