Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christmas 1

Yes, this is in fact long over due, but alas, I did manage to make a few things for Christmas this past year.

The truth is I didn't finish all that I wanted to finish. And just a bit into December it dawned on me that I needed to just stop. Accept that what was finished was finished and what wasn't, well, it would have to wait to a further date. Which was hard to accept. I can't lie. There were tears (on my part). December is a long and busy month. And I want to spend it with my family, not holed up in my craft room trying to finish everything that I feel is required to have a "perfect" holiday.

That said, I did finish some things, and well, I have to show them off, don't I?! =)

First up I made my father-in-law socks (again! Which made me think of a song we used to play at my house called Didn't I This Last Year to the tune of Do You Hear What I Hear! LOL!) Anyway, socks it was again this year. But I did make very different ones! The Pattern is from the book Favorite Socks.

I really liked the detail on the socks.

And a shawl for my mother-in-law. The pattern is a free one from Lion Brand. I've been eying this pattern for several years and just never had a chance to knit it up, so I used the holidays as an excuse! I love how it turned out, how easy it was to knit, and I am in love with the color (which I should note my 5yo picked out and at first was afraid it would be to strong, but as I knit, I loved it more and more!)

{Seriously, do I have a great model or what? ;-) }

I am in love with that shawl. In fact, I'm toying with making myself one. But there are so many good patterns out there, it's so hard to pick! Good thing there is no shortage of people to knit for so I can try each one out!

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