Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing ....

The newest knitter in the family ....


Seriously, isn't he adorable? I know, I'm biased and all that jazz, but I just think there is something so sweet about seeing those little hands work with the needles and yarn.


I cast on for him and we did 3 rows together today. Then he got tired and needed a break. Which I understood. It's hard work learning to knit. And remembering all those steps.


But he can't wait to finish his scarf. He thinks he'll do a sweater next. Or maybe a hat. Cause a hat's smaller. And he likes hats.


Which, hearing him plan his next project, really excites me. I know he might not always want to knit. He might lose interest next week. He is 5 after all, but I admit, I am loving this moment. The here and now. 


And yet, I can't lie ... I dream of the whole family sitting together one day, knitting away, talking about mysteries of life, dreaming of wonderful futures, listening to stories and music, and just hanging out and relaxing. And since 4 out of 5 us can now knit, well, I'm more determined than ever to get my husband knitting!!


  1. Wow!!!! It was hard for me to learn at 26 and as soon as i stopped doing it it's all gone. (I only did single color scarves.) I also gained back al the weight I lost will knitting helped me keep my hands too busy to eat out of boredom

  2. That is SO cute!! Now I want to teach my 5yr old to knit. Not that I am great myself. I can barely cast on. But I think it would be fun to teach him. So fun!


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