Monday, August 23, 2010


So, um, yeah, hi dear old friend who I haven't had a chance to sit down and catch-up on life with. How are you doing? Me, I'm great ... been pretty busy lately though.

This summer has been without question one of the most busy summers I can remember in a long time .... like since maybe I was a kid and my mom was running me from place to place and never had a moment to sit and breath. Except this summer, I'm the mom running the kids all around. And then balancing about a million other things along with all of that!

So I've been pretty busy, but not busy with much crafting. I wish I could just load up a billion pictures of all the wonderful things I've been busy making, and yet, I've got nothing. Well, I did make about a bijillion bracelets. Okay, 300, but it started to feel like a bijillion somewhere in there. It didn't help that I had to make them all in less than a week, but I did have some help.


And I knitted up a very cute lamb. And seriously, that's about it for the entire summer so far. Sigh.

But fall will be here soon. The busy summer days will be gone. And although I know come February I might miss all of this, I will also be grateful for some more down time! I can't complain too much though - we just got home from a GREAT vacation to Maine and the ocean. I won't lie, I think I would be content living there - hearing the ocean every night. I think I would just let out a lot of very contented sighs. It's just peaceful. Anyway I have to sort through pictures (umm, yeah, I literally took 4000 shots while we were out!).

And my dear friend, this time I won't stay away for quite so long. I've missed you =)

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