Friday, July 18, 2008


We survived the night here on the big train! It was iffy there for a bit - little man and I are together in the sleeper car but there was room for the oldest too.
We finally slept at about 2 am! And I'm pretty sure I woke up about every 20 minutes!
But breakfast was good and I think my bout of motion sickness has passed. In about 5 hours we switch trains and have another 4 hours of train travel.
Riding the train has been fun so far. We are loving the freedom to walk around (or take a nap!) and draw, knit, read, color, etc!
I have a feeling we will indeed do this again!

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  1. If you think you will do it again, it must be going pretty well...:) (Even with a little sickness and that a word?)


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