Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just when you thought

I might not ever have a finished project to show again, I have TWO to show you in one day!
Both were finished up tonight =)

A little knitting purse for my dd4 ... she likes to take an offering to church, but doesn't have pockets to stash it in. Lately she's been taking a bag that might look like a normal sized purse on me with 2 quarters and nothing else to Sunday school. This purse should be just right for her though =)

Finally!! A sort of glimpse of the inside ... I even lined it for her =)
It was a very quick project to knit up, it was the weaving it together that took the most time.
She doesn't know I made it so it will be a nice little surprise for her tomorrow. I love surprises!

Project Specs:
Double moss stitch repeated throughout with one purl row at two points where it is folded.
The yarn was leftover from another project just laying in a box
Time to complete: 1 week
Gift for my dd =)

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  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this idea. Up until now, my daughter has always just hand carried her money, because she's not good about keeping track of a purse - even though she's 10. I do not have the foggiest notion of how to knit, but I can sure sew - I'm going to make one of these for her and her little friends!


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