Thursday, July 27, 2006

Placemats ...

Plugging along on the placemats - I cut triangles today to make placemat number 5 & 6. But I have to admit something ... it gets kind of tedious and kind of boring. I have 2 fabrics that I cut and cut and cut then sew and sew and sew and sew. My dh said "Um, dear, isn't that how all quilts are, just a bunch of squares you put together? Maybe you shouldn't take up quilting afterall." I think what I need is to make quilts with more colors, more variety and more kinds of squares in them is what I need ... so next time I go shopping for more fabric and patterns, well, really it's his fault!
No, I have several knitting projects in process, several I want to start, another quilt I want to make, some embroidery to do and I think I'm feeling overwhelmed with it all so I'm not liking the quilting. I hope. We'll see ... anyway, soon I shall have all 6 placemats pieced together and then I can finish quilting them and move on to other things.
So there is my boring update for today.

And to answer Wool Windings question ... with my newly aquired yarn, I plan to make a pair of heavenly mittens for me and a scarf for me. I can't wait!! I have to hurry up and finish the sweaters I'm currently working on first. That will be motivation to finish the sweaters - it means I can start to make something for moi!

And I almost forgot. I am opening my dreading UFO box. I have a goal to finish what is in there by Christmas or to toss it out. It may be that we will be moving in the spring, and it may be that it might be a big move (as in long distance move) and it may be that dh will tell me to get rid of as much as I can prior to this move and since I don't want to dump my yarn, fabric, or other craft items stashes, well, this seems like a good way to thin out one box!

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