Sunday, June 18, 2006

So many things ...

to share .. and I left my camera in the car! Big bummer.
Anyway, last week was my first quilting class. I have something to show - once I get the camera in the house ;-)
I am making good progress on the ballet sweater. But I paused it to make an Irish Hiking Scarf for my mother. She goes on a cruise to Alaska on Sunday. I started today. Yeah, gonna have to get working on that one!!
I'm also looking at lots of quilt patterns, trying to decide which one to make my first quilt. My youngest sister has requested she recieve my second quilt. Yeah ... maybe I'll start a wedding quilt for her (she's 13 now, but I'm guessign that's about as long as it will take me LOL!!) We'll see!!
I also have some sewing projects to do ... ay caramba! As they say ... sew many things to make, soo little time to do it all in ;-)

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