Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Still missing ...

Still trying to get over all the illness. Still not doing anything these days. I was supposed to teach knitting on Sunday, but the class was cancelled. Although it wasn't cancelled by me, I was thankful anyway!
I'm approaching the end of the first trimester, and just starting to feel a bit better, so I hope that I continue to feel better so I can get working on projects again! =)

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  1. Brandie, I love reading your blog, you inspire me to craft more even though I can't see a day going by without crafting, when you werent' writing for a while and you wrote you were pregnant I was so happy for you, just start to feel better so we can all read about your endless projects, I miss them,
    I will keep you in my prayers:)
    deezie congrats on this blessed pregnancy!!! your girls must be off the wall with excitement


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